Emoon is a decentralized, peer-to-peer marketplace that uses the 0x protocol to enable trustless buying and selling of crypto assets on top of Ethereum.

If you want to sell an asset, you approve the 0x protocol to broker the transaction with a buyer of your asset. Your asset doesn't leave your possession until someone buys it.

If someone buys your item, Emoon injects your signed order into the 0x smart contracts, which transfers ownership of the asset to the buyer and sends funds from the sale to your account. This transfer of ownership is atomic and is handled by a smart contract on the blockchain.

At any time, you can cancel your listing and take your item off the market, no longer allowing Emoon to sell your asset.

As a buyer, you don't have to worry about a seller's reputation or the seller not delivering your item because the transaction is brokered by the blockchain. All you have to do is pay the Ether asked for by the seller.

Because of how the 0x protocol works, you will get paid in something called wrapped ether (WETH). WETH is identical to ether but it has to be unwrapped. One convenient place you can unwrap your ether is at the 0x portal. Learn more here.
要浏览我们的网站,您只需要一个浏览器。如果您想购买资产或者发布广告,您需要有MetaMask (专门用于网页应用的数字钱包)。如果使用的是移动设备,您可以使用Safari或Chrome等移动端 浏览器进行浏览,但如果您想发布广告或购买资产,您需要 安装Trust Wallet、Cipher或Toshi。和MetaMask类似,这些也是数字钱包,但它们用于移动设备。
此外,您还需要以太币 (可作为支付手段的一种加密货币)。

Yes! Emoon is a 0x relayer and our entire orderbook is available to be relayed and consumed via an API.

Emoon's API can be found at https://sra.emoon.io. The endpoints of this API are compliant with the 0x SRA API v2. The documentation to the api can be found here. More on the 0x relayer api can be found here.

MetaMask MetaMask is a digital wallet and a tool for interfacing with the blockchain. You will need to add Ether to your wallet to post a listing or purchase a listing.

A mobile dApp browser is a mobile app that acts as both your wallet and your gateway to web3 applications. Similar to how MetaMask turns your desktop browser into a dApp browser, allowing you to sign transactions and interact with the Ethereum blockchain, a dApp browser like Toshi, Cipher Wallet or Trust Wallet acts similarly, storing your private key and signing transactions. It allows you to buy and sell on Emoon.

Trust Wallet 是一个移动端数字钱包和dApp浏览器,用于与区块链互动。

Coinbase Wallet is a mobile digital wallet and a dApp browser for interfacing with the blockchain from Android or iOS.

对于美国公民, Coinbase is the most established game in town. For non US citizens, there are lots of options on various exchanges.
为了保护您的利益,MetaMask​偶尔会进入超时模式​并自己锁定。如需解锁,您只需点 击MetaMask 按钮并解锁。
Creating a listing is free and there are no charges to the seller. Buying a listing is free and there are no charges to the buyer.
如果您未设置到期日,默认有效期为30天​。否则,​将根据​您在创建广告时设定的到期日 为失效时间。
We call into ETH Gas Station to determine the optimal gas price to set. By default, we go with the "safe low" which is explained here. To learn more about the concept of gas and Ethereum in general, see this post.
If you ever see unusually high gas prices, it means that your transaction will likely fail and you shouldn't submit the transaction.